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New Bern, North Carolina

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Advertisement seen in March 2022 Issue of Carolina Salt Magazine


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$37,500.00 - $205,000.00

New Bern Waterfront Development has Lots and Plans with a Cottage Feel

Julia Masters, Sun Journal 

"Friendliness would come to mind," Gaylord said when asked about the atmosphere. "Being a smaller neighborhood the residents know each other and frequently gather up in each other's backyard overlooking the water to enjoy 'that 6 p.m. cocktail'. Boaters coming into the harbor to fish have been known to join in."

Beyond the fact that residents are a 15-minute boat ride away from downtown New Bern favorites like Persimmon’s or have access to popular kayaking trails in the Croatan National Forest, Brice’s Creek Harbour has a diverse mix of residents, Bayliss said. Young families, empty nesters and retirees can enjoy its amenities.

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